“If we want to help the child grow near to God, we should, with patience and courage . . . seek to go always closer to the vital nucleus of things. This requires study and prayer. The child himself will be our teacher if we know how to observe him.” – Sofia Cavalletti

God and the Child with the Adult: An interpersonal relationship is always a mystery, all the more so when that relationship is between God and the child. We believe that there is a deep bond between God and the child which produces in the child the desire to draw nearer to God. The catechist’s role is to prepare the environment and to give selected presentations from scripture and liturgy that “call forth” the child’s response rather than “pours in” information. The catechist listens with the child and together they ask, “God, who are you? How do you love us?” The adult reflects with the child on the questions generated by the presentations with the materials offered to the child to aid the child’s reflection. – cgs.com

Please join us for our final sessions of the 2018-2019 year:

  • April 28th at 9:45am in our Parish Atrium

  • May 5th at 9:45am in our Parish Atrium

  • May 19th at 9:45am in our Parish Atrium

Second Grade Sacramental Preparation:

  • CANCELLED Classroom Session - April 28th at 9:45am in our Parish Library CANCELLED

  • Classroom Session - May 5th at 9:45am in our Parish Library

  • First Communion Rehearsal - May 10th at 5:30pm in Sacred Heart Church

  • First Communion - May 11th at 10am in Sacred Heart Church with Reception to follow in our Parish Hall

    Note: Please have your children in the Chapel by 9:30am

For questions, to register, or become a catechist, please contact Lila Ruiz, PA for Faith Formation, at lila.ruiz@shbham.org